Project Setup

When you successfully installed Traduttore, it’s time to set up your first project.

We suggest following the GlotPress manual for creating a new project.

The one field we care about in this step is the Source file URL field. You can use this field to have a link created to the source code for the translators in the string editor.

In addition to that, Source file URL is the field Traduttore uses to detect your repository.

If your code is hosted in the acme/my-awesome-plugin repository on GitHub, you would enter the following URL into this field:

Similarly, the Source file URL would look as follows for a GitLab project:

For projects hosted on Bitbucket, the format is slightly different:

Mark the project as “Active” for the language packs to be created. The translation strings will continue to be updated with code changes even when the project is set as inactive.

Repository Configuration

Depending on where your project is hosted, you need to follow different steps to support automatic translation updates. Please read the according documentation: