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Bitbucket Repository Configuration

Traduttore supports both private and public Git repositories hosted on

Mercurial repositores are not supported at this time. If you want to use Traduttore with Mercurial repositories, please open an issue in our bug tracker.

Repository Access

Traduttore connects to Bitbucket via either HTTPS or SSH to fetch a project’s repository. If your projects are not public, you need to make sure that the server has access to them by providing an SSH key. You can do this by adding an access key in your repository settings.


To enable automatic string extraction from your Bitbucket projects, you need to create a new webhook for each of them.

  1. In your repository, go to Settings -> Webhooks. You might need to enter your password.
  2. Click on “Add webhook”.
  3. Enter a descriptive title and set https://<url-to-your-glotpress-site>.com/wp-json/traduttore/v1/incoming-webhook as the URL.
  4. Make sure the Status is “Active”
  5. Keep “Repository push” as the trigger.

Now, every time you push changes to Bitbucket, Traduttore will get notified and then attempts to update the project’s translatable strings automatically.

Note: If you’re using Bitbucket Server, you can optionally define a secret that should be sent with each request in the webhook settings. For this to work the TRADUTTORE_BITBUCKET_SYNC_SECRET constant needs to be defined in your wp-config.php file with the same secret.

Check out the Configuration section for a list of possible constants.